1. How do I get in touch with you?


Please send all questions and requests to We will do our best to answer within 24 hours.


2. Who do you ship with? 


DHL Parcel Expedited Max.


3. How long does fulfillment take?


Because every item purchased is made to order, fulfillment usually takes from anywhere between 1-5 business days. Different products take longer to print/embroider, go through quality control, sort, and ship than others. Due to issues related to COVID-19, fulfillment and shipment can take even longer, so please be patient as we want to make sure that every product is of the best quality for our costumers.


4. How long does shipping take? 


Anywhere from 5-7 business days.


5. How should I wash my shirt? 


I would recommend turning your tee inside-out and avoiding bleach or any other products similar to that.


6. How should I dry my shirt? 


You can put it in the dryer if you'd like, but we'd prefer giving your tee a good old hang dry. 


7. What is your refund policy? 


Since every purchase is made-to-order, we are unable to offer refunds after the payment is processed. We do not have a physical location and therefore, do not keep any inventory. However, if you are unhappy with your order or ordered the wrong product, we’d be happy to try to assist you as best we can. 


8. Will there be delays due to COVID-19?


We expect some minor delays, so please bear with us. Here is some more information from our supplier about what they are doing in response to the pandemic:


"We're partnering with backup facilities to help us manage order volume, and we're routing orders to wherever they can be fulfilled most efficiently. As of now, we're working with 5 backup facilities in the US, UK, and Australia, and we're looking for more options. We are continuing to fulfill as much as we can at our facilities. Our branches in NC and LA are operating at basic capacity, and our EU and MX branches are operating as normal. All branches are practicing extra safety measures. The entire industry is grappling with challenges and we're seeing delays in our supply chain, including distributors and shipping carriers. Estimated fulfillment time is 7-13 days as of April 28th, 2020."